XPLUS Data Protection Tool for Dynamics AX/365

Convenient anonymization
of all sensitive data -
within business processes.

Without help from Developers.
in 3 days
No code
by Microsoft
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Why does your enterprise need automatic data anonymization?

In the digital era business still needs to use various types of data, to complete different type of transactions and contracts. It greatly facilitated the possibility of disclosing, processing, copying and trading information. Personal, as well as business data, are a highly sought-after "commodity" today.
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To ensure data security following legal requirements. Especially concerning the provisions related to the GDPR (EU 2016/679) and other regulations.
To protect your customers' data, under the best business practices.
To avoid the processing and storage of sensitive data in processes (e.g. testing) where they are not required.
To facilitate and significantly accelerate the anonymization process of a huge amount of sensitive data.
“If a business can’t show that good data protection is a cornerstone of their practices, they’re leaving themselves open to a fine or other enforcement action that could damage bank balance or business reputation.”
Elizabeth Denham
British Information Commissioner (ICO)
“Three-quarters of us don’t trust businesses to do the right thing with our emails, phone numbers, preferences, and bank details. I find that shocking.”
Elizabeth Denham
British Information Commissioner (ICO)

XPLUS Data Anonymization Tool

was created for Customers and Microsoft Partners who want to mass anonymize sensitive data in a fully customizable way, without any development, who want to be GDPR compliant and want to care for their own and their business partners data privacy. The XPLUS tool provides:
‍Customizable data search scanner, customizable hashing alphabets, formats, hash groups and hashing methods.
Mass Data Anonymization and Pseudonymization (reversible anonymization). Process is fully optimized for performance.
Simple reporting on the anonymization status and


Individual anonymization and pseudonymization of specific persons' data at the production environment. Reporting and masking of sensitive data at the user interface level.
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Hash quality
Generating random strings to replace the original data, maintaining the uniqueness condition.
Easy of the process
The sensitive data encryption process can be efficiently carried out by non-IT specialists.
Proving the conducted anonymization based on a unique ID without the need to identify a specific person.

Database (mass) anonymization

Fully customizable mass data anonymization with multiple parametrization options to customize hashing methods and expected hashing outputs. Convenient anonymization of any selected data existing in the database (master data and transaction tables).
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Simple configuration
Using prepared templates for standard data structure and automated sensitive data search function.
Sensitive data search wizards To find sensitive data in the system either standard or custom fields.
No concerns regarding data privacy.

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