Automatic MASS data anonymization in Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365 – tool selection.

Knowing the basic needs, threats and good practices, you can finally consider what anonymization tool to choose. As was mentioned earlier, we can approach the whole process manually. However, it will be extremely time-consuming, costly and requires the involvement of SQL experts.

For the same reason, companies often do not take anonymization seriously. They only limit themselves to having the apparent protection of sensitive data. As a consequence, the process is carried out carelessly, and often the law is deliberately broken.

Tool selection

So what is the alternative in a market? Are there any tools for convenient and automatic data anonymization in Dynamics 365? There is no standard solution. And yet, you can find a tool that allows you to automate such a process while maintaining all good anonymization practices. It’s XPLUS GDPR Data Anonymization Tool – ready to use, an add-in for your MS Dynamics AX/365 for fast and complete personal and sensitive data anonymization.

XPLUS GDPR Data Anonymization Tool

XPLUS GDPR Mass Data Anonymization Tool was created for Customers and Microsoft Partners who want to mass anonymize sensitive data in a fully customizable way, without any development, who want to be GDPR compliant and who want to care for their own and their business partners data privacy.

Following GDPR requirements, XPLUS is offering a data anonymization tool for Microsoft  Dynamics AX2009/2012 and D365 for Finance and Operations (Finance & Supply Chain Management).

Data Anonymization Tool provides:

  • Parametrization
    Customizable data search scanner, customizable hashing alphabets, formats, hash groups and hashing methods.
  • Anonymization
    Mass Data Anonymization and Pseudonymization (reversible anonymization). The process is fully optimized for performance!
  • Reports 

Simple reporting on the anonymization status and details.

What XPLUS Data Anonymizer tool can do? 

  • Fast create a safe database for testing, development and other purposes.
  • Anonymize any selected data existing in database data (master data and transaction tables).
  • Anonymize or delete sensitive data.
  • Sensitive data search wizards to find sensitive data in the system either standard or custom fields.
  • Simple configuration by using prepared templates for standard data structure and automated sensitive data search function.
  • Multiple parametrization options to customize hashing methods and expected hashing outputs.
  • Fulfil GDPR requirements and more.

Why and when should you use mass anonymization with the XPLUS GDPR tool?

  • To avoid access to sensitive data for Dynamics AX/D365 development teams (dev environments) or testing teams (test environments).
  • To avoid duplicating personal data (duplicating Dynamics AX/D365 application for any reason) if this is not a must (GDPR).
  • When removing selected personal data is not enough, i.e. sensitive customer or vendor data or specific transactions (individual or turnover).
  • It’s simple and there are no concerns regarding data privacy.

GDPR tool is optimized for performance. It uses hashing algorithms (SQL based) that provide fasters possible execution times. There are also “random” hashing methods for swift anonymization of large transactional tables. The tool offers a “unique set” methods to ensure hashing values uniqueness. 

The solution has been successfully tested and validated (code checks and code review) by Microsoft technology teams to be approved for the Microsoft AppSource offering.

The installation process is provided according to D365FSCM best practice either by using LCS or manual installation with the use of a standard D365FSCM deployable package.